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Lone Star Kettlebell, LLC is a Privately Owned Personal training facility and gym based in Lubbock, Texas that specializes in group fitness training, exercise programming, group workshops, boot camps and personal training.

• "Why Kettlebells? Kettlebells have been a staple amongst strength legends and champions of strength for more than 3 centuries. In other words, they've been around awhile. The strength days of old are new again where form follows function with the practical and efficient use of the Kettlebell. Whether you're an Athlete seeking an edge over the competition, a Martial Artist, a Strength Enthusiast, a Soccer Mom, a Couch Potato or an Average Joe, Kettlebells will become the foundation of your physical transformation. Kettlebell training bridges the gap and encompasses all of the modern arms of fitness such as Strength, Cardiovascular Endurance, Joint Strength & Flexibility, Increased Range of Motion and Correct Body Composition. Allow a Degreed and Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor guide you to fitness goals which might include: Melt Stubborn Fat, Sculpt Granite-Like Muscle, Build Resilient, Injury-Proof Joints, Attain the Stamina of a Sprinter and Achieve Greater Flexibility.

The Russian Kettlebell gives you faster fat loss, with more rapid gains in strength, speed and endurance than any other exercise tool on the planet!

• Jason has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and is a Certified Russian Kettlebell and CK-FMS Instructor and is 1 of 13 Master Instructors Instructors worldwide. His specialty is movement and performance enhancement, but his passion for strength will allow you to reach any goal you aspire to. Check out his
testimonials from current and recent clients and see what you can do.